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10 Recommendations for Building Healthy Communities

In the second edition of the biennial  community survey from the Washington-based nonprofit organization, Urban Land Institute, America in 2015, 38% of Americans say there is a lack of convenient outdoor space in which to run, walk, or exercise in their community.

Some developers are starting to integrate the concepts for the promotion of healthy communities. There is a correlation between sprawling communities and body mass indexes according to Dr. Richard Jackson, an advisory board member of ULI’s Building Healthy Places Initiative. These health enhancing communities are compact and encourage walking with sidewalks and walking trails. ULI’s survey found that 76% of millennials consider walk-ability when deciding where to live.

Here are 10 recommendations from the ULI for building healthy communities:

1. Incorporate a mix of land uses

2. Design well-connected street networks at the human scale

3. Provide sidewalks and enticing, pedestrian-oriented streetscapes

4. Provide infrastructure to support biking

5. Design visible, enticing stairs to encourage everyday use

6. Provide high-quality spaces for multi-generational play and recreation

7. Host a farmers market

8. Support on-site gardening and farming

9. Facilitate social engagement

10. Increase access to nature

10 Recommendations for Building Healthy Communities.